Monday, May 2, 2016

Three Effective Ways to Motivate Students on Standardized Tests

April showers not only bring May flowers they also signal that it is that time of year again...time for standardized testing. 

As testing time approaches follow these three simple steps to help you Keep Calm and Test On.

Step 1: Pretesting Motivation
Spend some time the week before the test investing students by explaining why they are taking these tests and why it is important for them to do their best. It can be helpful to have your administrator or an older student visit your class to help prepare students as well. 

Get the younger grades involved making encouraging posters for the hallways. The more people your students know are behind them the more invested they will be. 

Here is and example the Kindergarten team made for my third graders this year.
Step 2: Daily Testing Motivation
Standardized testing is more of a marathon than a sprint. Students will need daily encouragement as well to keep them motivated throughout the week. Each day of testing write your students an encouraging note on the board. Use this note to remind students of test taking strategies and show students that you believe in them.

In addition to the whole class encouragement write individualized notes, and encourage parents to send in personalized notes for their students. 

Step 3: End of Testing Motivation
Decide with students as you prepare for testing how you will celebrate their success as a class. This may be in the form of a field trip, movie day, or other class party. Allow students to come up with ideas and vote in order to ensure investment. 

Providing students motivation before, during, and after testing is the best way to keep your students engaged throughout the entire testing process. 

If you have any additional motivating hacks for standardized tests leave them in the comments section.

Keep Calm and Happy Testing!


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  1. Your ideas are wonderful. This is my first year teaching 5th grade and getting ready for our state testing has been a challenge. We actually start tomorrow right after a week of spring break.