Sunday, October 16, 2016

5 Ways to Use Clip Charts Other Than Behavior

Clip Charts are very useful classroom tools. Although they are most commonly used for classroom management, they have many other uses as well. I have been successfully using Clip Charts in my classroom for multiple purposes none of which have to do with behavior. 

The following is a list of 5 alternate uses for Clip Charts in the classroom. 

1) Increase Fact Fluency

One way that I have used Clip Charts in my classroom is as a motivator for students to learn their math facts. Students love clipping up the chart as they master each set of facts. You can check out my math fact fluency Clip Charts in my TPT store by clicking on the pictures below (available in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). 

2) Teach Sight Words

Another way to use Clip Charts in the classroom is as a motivator for students to learn sight words. Students clip up the chart as they master each list of words. Learn more by clicking on the image below. 

3) Track Data

Like it or not data is such an important part of teaching these days. One way to make it fun and motivate students is to use clip charts to track data. In my classroom students track their personal data in data binders, but we also use clip charts to track our whole class data. One example of how this can be used is to track NWEA data. Click on the image to learn more.

4) Increase Student Motivation

As teachers it is important to set up a routine so that students know what to expect each day in the classroom. Although a predictable routine is essential, it can lead to students getting bored. For example at my school students are on the same technology programs each day during their math and reading blocks. Once the novelty of these programs wears off the students tend to get bored. My solution to this was to increase student motivation on these online programs by having students track their progress using Clip Charts. To learn more about how I increase student motivation on Lexia click on the image below. 

5) Track Reading Levels

Another way to use Clip Charts in the classroom is to track student reading levels. Students love passing the next reading level and clipping up the chart. It is a great way to increase student reading motivation and celebrate student successes. To learn more click on the image below. 

Hopefully, after reading this post you have some great ideas on how you can utilize Clip Charts to help motivate students in you classroom. If you have any questions or need help feel free to reach out. We love hearing from and collaborating with other teachers.To stay connected with Carly and Adam's teaching tips and classroom freebies be sure to follow us on FacebookPinterestTeachers Pay Teachers, and subscribe to our blog!

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