Saturday, January 7, 2017

Make Your New Year's Resolution Be STEM (January STEM Activities)

The new year is always a great time for teachers to reflect on the school year. What things are going well in your classroom? What aspects could use some improvement?

Are students engaged in learning? Are they collaborating with one another and using problem solving skills on a daily or weekly basis? 

Have you tried STEM in your classroom? If not the new year is the perfect time to get on board with STEM!

I am so excited to launch my newest batch of STEM activities for January! 

Check out Build a Polar Bear Den.

For this challenge the students receive a letter from the STEM polar bear stating that their challenge is to build a snow den for a mother polar bear and her cubs. 

Another fun STEM winter activity is Design a Snowflake. For this activity the students receive a letter from the STEM snowman stating that they need to design a snowflake using symmetry. 

One of my favorites and an activity that students are sure to love is Build a Penguin Raft.

For this challenge the students receive a letter from the STEM penguin stating that they need to design a raft in order to help the penguins move around better in the water.

Another engaging January STEM activity is the Martin Luther King Jr. Build a Podium challenge. For this activity the students design a podium for Martin Luther King Jr. to use when he delivers his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. What I love most about this activity is that it integrates Science, Social Studies, Reading, Math, and Writing!

You can get all four January STEM activities at a discounted price with the January STEM bundle

For other STEM activities check out the STEM section of my TPT store. 

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