Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Increase Student Fact Fluency with Emojis

No matter what grade level you teach odds are that your students love emojis. My students are no exception!

One day as I was thinking about this ridiculous craze it hit me. Why not use the students' love of emojis to motivate them to learn their math facts? 

A couple of years ago I discovered the many versatile uses of the clip chart. One of these uses is as a math fact motivational tool. To learn more about other clip chart uses check out my blog post, 5 Ways to Use Clip Charts Other Than Behavior

Using this concept I designed several emoji theme clip charts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Check out the examples below. 

How does it work you may be asking? Simply print the chart, laminate it, and tape the pieces together. Next, write all of your students' names on clothespins and clip them to the bottom of the chart. As students pass each timed test they clip up the chart.

Students love to track their progress, and you will love how easy and motivating this system is!

For other clip charts check out the clip chart section of my TPT store. 

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